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Irene Thompson, CMT, HBCE

Welcome to my website! 

I hope you will find the information helpful, but in case you don't find what you're looking for, please email me any time. I am a Massage Therapist, holding National and Maryland Certifications. I am also a Certified Childbirth Educator using the methods of HypnoBirthing®, which was founded by Marie Mongan. Because I realized that many diseases, illnesses, and health problems could possibly be controlled or eliminated without using toxic drugs or surgery, I have developed an interest in alternative (natural) therapies. While I cannot diagnose or prescribe treatments, I believe that my role as a healer compels me to help educate others by revealing modalities and remedies that I have found helpful either with myself or with clients.

There is no magic or mystery to healing - we are all responsible for our own state of health.  In this day and age, one day Prempro is the "golden child" of menopause sufferers and the next day we see a warning telling us that it is so dangerous to our health that NIH stopped a 10 year study 3 years early and told everyone to stop taking the pills!  This type of thing has happened many times and will continue to happen as long as the Drug companies woo the Doctors into prescribing medications that have not been tested properly, and patients depend on Doctors to supply all the answers to their health needs.  I am firmly committed to education about alternatives that will bring balance to the body.  When we take control of our healthcare, we empower ourselves to step out of the "victim" role and start to heal.  The alternative path is much more work than going to the Doctor and getting a pill, but the benefits are greater also.  It is my hope that your journey will be richly rewarding!